Biden Campaign Debuts New Song in Ad Urging MTV VMAs Audience To Vote

'Everybody Vote' attempts to rally younger voters to the Democrat's base

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden reached across the generational aisle to air a new Hip Hop-inspired political ad catering to younger voters during the MTV Video Music Awards, Sunday.

Songwriter KOSINE produced the music video for “Everybody Vote,” a 30-second montage of Biden and running mate Kamala Harris campaigning across the country during their bid for the White House. Drum beats usher colorful messages reading “Change”, “Vote” and “The Action Starts With Me.”

Another Biden advertisement that aired during the awards show featured a college activist making Black Lives Matter protest signs while explaining the former Vice President’s stance on social justice reform. Both videos included “#TheNewAdministration,” a messaging campaign directed at younger voters.

The artist says his song is “an energized and uplifting anthem,” and “the track serves as a call-to-arms for this generation. The message couldn’t be anymore loud and clear.” He reposted the video on Instagram urging everyone to vote November 3.

Biden has garnered attention from various popular artists during his campaign. Performances from The Chicks, John Legend and Common highlighted a star-studded Democratic National Convention, earlier this month. But the strongest message from that week came from Billie Eilish. The artist locked eyes with America, delivering an impassioned plea for viewers to vote against President Donald Trump, before performing her latest single “my future.”

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