#BlackOutDay: What Is It and Why It’s Essential to the Global Movement to End Racism

More ways to stand in solidarity

In the past month, the Black Lives Matter movement has taken on a global following and seen a surge of activism centered around putting an end to systemic racism and educating future generations on how to be anti-racist.

The BLM movement has placed a serious focus on making long-term societal shifts to stop the perpetuation of racial inequality. After George Floyd was murder in Minneapolis in May, social media has become a prominent tool for information dispersal and education.

The #BlackOutDay campaign promotion has been taking place across social media platforms and aims to encourage Black, Brown, and Indigenous consumers to refrain from making any online or in-store purchases unless purchases are made from a Black-owned business. July 7th will be dedicated to uplifting Black-owned businesses.

The push for #BlackOutDay is centered around the power of the dollar and allows consumers to reflect on the ties between consumerism and systemic racism. Black-owned bank, OneUnited Bank, will be helping to support the efforts of #BlackOutDay. Kevin Cohee, CEO of OneUnited powerfully elaborates, “We need to use our power – both our spending power, our vote, and our voice – to demand criminal justice reform and to address income inequality.”

On Instagram, rapper T.I. has shared that he too will be supporting and participating in #BlackOutDay. In his post-T.I. explains, “we need one day of solidarity in America when not one Black person in America spends a dollar.”

#BlackOutDay offers another way in which we can all demand change. The sentiment around the campaign effort is that money talks. This form of protest puts pressure on larger brands to make needed changes in corporate culture.

Here’s how you can get involved with #BlackOutDay:
1. Sign up online here.
2. Share on social media and raise awareness: “I accept the #BlackOutDay 2020 Challenge and promise not to spend a dime in a store or online on July 7th.”
3. On July 7th do not make any purchases in-store or online unless purchases are made from a Black-owned brand.

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