Bruce Springsteen shares the glory of therapy: 'It works'

The Boss reflects on life moments that fuel his creative drive

Bruce Springsteen admits sometimes it’s better to say it, rather than sing it.

The Boss spoke with AARP Magazine recently and says he attends therapy sessions. “Once in a while, yeah — the talking cure — it works,” he tells the publication. “But you've got to commit yourself to a process. And I was pretty good at doing that.”

Springsteen says each session challenges him to reveal more about consequential moments of his life. “I enjoyed the investigative examination of issues in my life that I didn't understand. I learned a lot and therefore was able to exploit what I had learned and turn it into a real life.”

What makes Bruce Springsteen’s music so appealing is story telling. He condenses struggles and experiences of working-class Americans into songs that rally pride in that lifestyle. That same passion drives his life forward. “And I continue to take my story and move it along further. And you don't know when wonderful things are going to happen.”

“These things — the mysteries of life — become more interesting. Life goes by quickly but slowly. I heard something of mine from 1975 on a record the other day, and I said, ‘That was about seven or eight lives ago. It was a full and entire life of its own.’ And I lived that one, and it was a great one, and now I'm living another one.”

Bruce continues to write his life’s story with new music. He and the E Street Band traveled back to their New Jersey rock roots for his latest single “Letter to You.” It’s part of a 12 track upcoming album by the same name, reuniting The Boss with E Street band members for the first time since 2014.

Letter To You is a collection of nine new Springsteen tracks, including three previously unreleased 1970’s songs: “Janey Needs a Shooter,” “If I Was the Priest” and “Song for Orphans.” Springsteen’s latest album follows his 2019 musical and film release Western Stars, narrated by the artist as he performs with an orchestra.

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