'New Sensation' - A First Look at the Restored INXS Concert Film

The Australian band in its prime on the big screen

The familiar intro to “New Sensation” sent the crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium into a frenzy. With no cell phones to distract them, 73,791 people bounced and clapped to the beat provided by a band on fire.

INXS is previewing the restored version of its concert film Live Baby Live with a clip of the song from their smash album Kick. On “New Sensation,” frontman Michael Hutchence is even larger than life, backed by an even crisper Tim Farriss, Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengily and Garry Gary Beers.

The film has been fully restored from the original 35mm print to create a new widescreen 4K Ultra HD version with a Dolby Atmos audio mix. The stunning results will be shown in North American theaters on December 9th. There will also be a limited edition 3LP set, as well as a 2CD set.

The date was July 13, 1991, and INXS was at the height of their popularity when they headlined Summer XS, with Jesus Jones and Deborah Harry also on the bill.

Longtime INXS manager Chris M. Murphy said he spent a decade looking for the original 35mm film cans until one day miraculously finding them in Australia. After watching the concert again, Murphy was struck by the synergy between band and the crowd.

“Watching it back Michael is better than even I thought he was - how he managed the stage,” Murphy said. “His voice became more powerful as the gig went along. It was extraordinary to watch - the crowd and band were as one.”