2020 ACM Awards: Luke Combs Takes Us Inside His Wedding and How He Dealt With Chaos

Further proof that 2020 is anything but normal

If a career in music has prepared Luke Combs for anything, it’s to be comfortable in chaos.

The “Six Feet Apart” singer spoke to RADIO.COM's Kelly Ford live from the 2020 ACM Awards as he touched on the disruption that’s become the norm in 2020 and the perspective he’s taking to deal with everything that’s come with it.

Combs and Nicole Hocking were married on August 1 this year and despite the challenges that arose, he has nothing but fond memories of the event.

“It was fun, we had a really good time,” he said. “We had to change venues about a week out. That was interesting, but you know with 2020 it’s what I’ve come to expect. I’ve come to expect everything constantly changing and being in a state of disarray,” Combs added.

Fortunately, his career path had him prepared for the unexpected. “A career in music is sort of chaotic anyway so it’s not outside the realm of what we do anyway,” he said while laughing.

Luke and Nicole recently put out a music video they worked on together for his song “Lovin’ On You.” The video features child actors portraying a young Combs and Hocking having fun together inside a roller rink.

“We’re always trying to do some fun stuff like that, for ourselves more so than anybody else to keep ourselves entertained,” he said.

Combs and Hocking didn’t partake in the casting of the actors in the video. Instead, they trusted their production company to cast the right individuals. “I felt like it would have been super weird to be thumbing through a bunch of headshots with kids and be like ‘that’s the one!’ We let the casting folks do their magic on that one,” he said.

He also opened up about where he was when COVID-19 lockdowns began to take hold and the mental toll its taken on him.

“We were in Europe when they decided they were going to close the borders. We had to rush home from there. It was really different, it was like hitting a brick wall as far as music,” he said.

Combs could feel the momentum his career was building. And then, it came to a halt. “Career-wise it felt like we were doing great and were about to hit what felt like a peak moment as far as touring goes. And then it was like you just hit the brakes and went from 100 to 0.”

While there has been difficulties, Combs shared the perspective that’s helped him get through this and turned a negative experience into a positive.

“It’s given me an opportunity to reflect on things and reflect on my relationship with my wife, and focus on our life together. That’s been really great and I’ve been very thankful for those things because I don’t know when that time would have come had it not been for this,” he said.

“There’s always two sides to every coin in my opinion and it’s how you choose to look at it. There’s times where I’m very frustrated by it and there’s times where I’m very thankful for it.”

The 55TH Academy of Country Music Awards hosted by Keith Urban airs September 16, 8PM ET on CBS.

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