Brett Young announces baby number two is on the way

'And then we were 4'

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, shared big news on Wednesday morning (Jan. 27), announcing they are pregnant with baby number two!

The "Lady" singer posted photos of himself, Taylor and their 15-month old daughter, Presley, celebrating the new family addition on Instagram.

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"We really wanted them to be close enough in age so they could have a lot of things in common and be best friends. Tay had her sister close in age growing up, so we both felt strongly we wanted Presley to have the same," Young shared with PEOPLE. "Tay is so close with her sister, and that’s something we always knew we wanted for Presley. We feel very blessed!"

The 40-year old Country crooner has said that his wife has been "a rockstar" this time around with this pregnancy and the increased morning sickness.

"Unfortunately the morning sickness is real this time, which is unlike the first pregnancy," He said. "That being said, everyone is healthy and that's all that matters. Hopefully, being through the first trimester, she will start to get more comfortable."

After Presley's first birthday last year, the couple reflected on how quickly time goes by and being home more in 2020 really worked in Brett's favor.

"There are so many things I would have missed during this first year of our daughter's life if I was gone working," he said. "I got to be there when she said 'Dada' for the first time. There are more examples, but I think that says it all and sums it up for me. So special."

Baby number two is due to arrive summer of 2021.

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