Carrie Underwood Is 70 and Does Laundry for a Living According to Her Son Isaiah

The 4-year-old breaks it down for us

Here’s the good news for Carrie Underwood, she loves salad and might have a cake in her future. The bad news is that the GRAMMY-winner’s job is now washing the laundry and she’s 70 years old.

These revelations come in an amazing new Instagram post from the “Cry Pretty” singer, who shared a note from her 4-year-old son Isaiah called “All About My Mom.” In it her first child paints a lovely picture of his mom. They like to watch TV together and say “I love you,” and she would love to ride horses if she had more time. But buried between all the sweet sentences about Carrie, Isaiah also claims his mom is 70, her job is to “wash the laundry,” and she’s really good at “folding laundry.” Wash and fold, a total package.

Carrie was a good sport about it, sharing the “All About My Mom” quiz on social media. Isaiah turns 5 later this month.

Last month Underwood celebrated the first birthday for her other son, Jacob, posting a few photos of him enjoying and destroying his cake. “Happy birthday, Jacob! How are you already 1 year old?” she wrote on Instagram, beside a set of shots of Jacob digging into his birthday dessert. “You are smiley, crazy, smart, soooo fast and into everything! And, apparently, you love cake!”

Here’s hoping the Underwood’s all get all the cake they can handle. It all comes out in the wash.

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