Chris Stapleton recalls 'laying in the dirt' on 'Game Of Thrones'

Kudos to Chris' manager on accomplishing the 'impossible task'
Chris Stapleton
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With five GRAMMYs, seven Academy of Country Music awards, and ten Country Music Association awards already under his belt, Country star Chris Stapleton can still be as humble and unassuming as ever.

After a stirring performance with his wife Morgane of his latest single at the 2020 CMAs following the backing out of several acts due to coronavirus exposure, and the release of his brand new album Starting Over, Stapleton joined Jimmy Kimmel last night (Nov. 12), as a birthday treat to the host who just happens to be a huge fan.

Jimmy reminded Chris of his performance with Justin Timberlake at the 2015 CMAs, an experience that he says the term "life-changing" would completely understate. "It was drastic," Chris admits. "It was sold out shows, and dudes driving from North Carolina into my driveway to say 'hi' to me. Just weird, odd things that I've never had to deal with."

It was that CMAs moment when Jimmy became a fan, which also led him to eventually discover that Chris had a part in another of his favorite pastimes, HBO's Game of Thrones. While Chris is unsure of the exact episodes he was cast in, he knows that it was part of the massive, final battle at the end of the series.

Explaining further he says, "it's a very short definition... I was an extra sort of laying in the dirt."

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Jimmy dug deeper to reveal that Chris had actually given his manager the "impossible task," as a goof, of getting him on the show after seeing other celebrities appear. "I was like, 'I wanna do that, even if I'm going over there and I'm just laying in the dirt,'" he remembers with a laugh. "So, they agreed to let me come do that."

After Jimmy showed a clip of Chris' performance in the series, which is brief to say the least, Chris said that when he was watching the episode as it aired he missed it entirely. "It was completely deflating in some ways," he admits. But he still got to see the curtain pulled back when he saw the terrifying Night King, Vladimir Furdik, in the green room clicking around eBay and eating craft services while lounging on a couch.

Chris Stapleton's new album Starting Over is on shelves and streaming now.

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