Cole Swindell is 'making it work' while under quarantine, in the studio and on the golf course

'Everything obviously is a different process'
Cole Swindell
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Over the weekend, Cole Swindell joined Coop's Rockin' Saturday Night party to talk about his new hit “Single Saturday Night” (how fitting!) and play a game of Tinder Virtual Dating Do’s & Don’ts.

Cole took a different approach than usual for his latest single - written by friends Ashley GorleyMichael Hardy, and Mark Holman instead of himself being the principal songwriter - a process that he says he likely has stricter guidelines for than when he is at the wheel.

He explains saying, "I think, because you know what you would say, and there may be one word here and there," that could possibly not fit his own vision or personality. "But a lot of times if it's something that simple they'll gladly rewrite it. But for me, this one... every line of it. I mean, I like to go out, I like to take shots. But I also need to settle down someday. I just think this song had it all for me and not to mention a couple of catchy lines, the melody. It just sounded like a big hit when I heard it and I'm a fan of all those guys that wrote it."

The single will be a part of his new album which, just like everything else this year, was put on hold due to the coronavirus. With the more recent easing of restrictions, he's been back in the studio to record a few more songs and put the finishing touches on the rest.

"Everything obviously is a different process," he says, "but we made it work. We're gonna record a few more, finish it up and hopefully it'll be out sometime next year. I don't have a date but, the way music is getting released these days I think I'll be putting out a song here and there until the album comes out. Hopefully first of the year we'll have something new off of there. I can't wait to show everybody what else is gonna be on there, other than 'Single Saturday Night.'"

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The pause in touring, for Cole, has given him a chance to focus on writing music in comfort rather than the back of a tour bus. "I think that's a big thing about this year in general," he tells Coop, "finding the positives when there are some. For me, the songwriting, that was my goal. That was my new year's resolution... get back to what got me here, and that was writing songs. Before I had a record deal it was write, write, write and that's what I planned on doing. I just didn't know I was gonna be doing it all from my loft in Nashville over Zoom!"

"What would we do without this technology? Me and you wouldn't be talking like this. I'm ready to get back to everything, writing, seeing each other, being able to shake hands and just be around people," Cole admits. "But you gotta be thankful that we can still somewhat get our jobs done and music is being made in Nashville."

Looking ahead to 2021, he says he's even speaking with Thomas Rhett about their scheduled tour plans. "Hopefully we can get everything figured out with that and at some point just get back to life."

When he's not jamming with fellow Country stars, you can usually find Cole out on the links. One of his fondest memories is when he first got to play golf with Darius Rucker. "Other than me being a big fan for years and years, I always knew how much he loved golf. I can't believe we finally got to play together over this quarantine a couple of times. One of those days, I think it was on my dad's birthday, it was just a special day. All I wanted to do was play golf and it ended up that was the first time I got to play with him."

"He just is a great guy... his music's one thing but he's just a good dude and always makes you feel welcome."

During Coop and Cole's chat, we also got to find out how Cole thinks virtual dates should (and more importantly shouldn’t) go! Be sure to listen to the full interview above, and catch Coop's Rockin' Saturday Night starting at 7PM Saturdays on your favorite RADIO.COM Country station!

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