RADIO.COM's Country Hit Pick of the Week: Blake Shelton - 'Minimum Wage'

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Blake Shelton
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This week’s RADIO.COM Country Hit Pick of the Week is Blake Shelton's '"Minimum Wage."

Listen for the song all week on your favorite RADIO.COM Country stations.

Blake's new take on a love song, "Minimum Wage," follows his 28th number 1 single, "Happy Anywhere." The new track is an oldie, but a goodie says Shelton. When he first heard it a few years ago he thought, "wow, that is me! I mean, I literally have lived that song for a longer period of my life than I can even believe."

"I just instantly had a smile on my face," he told RADIO.COM's Katie Neal on release day last week.

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"The tough times I've had coming up... the jobs. I roofed houses for two years for probably less than minimum wage, but I didn't care," Blake admits. "I just wanted enough money that I could pay my rent and go play guitar all weekend. That's what I did for the first half of my life and those are my favorite memories."

Listen all week for RADIO.COM's Country Hit Pick of the Week -- Blake Shelton's “Minimum Wage” -- on your favorite RADIO.COM Country station, and check back each week for more new music from Country's rising and shining stars.

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