GRAMMY-nominated Ingrid Andress on challenging Country music and rooting for Megan Thee Stallion

'I think we could kind of raise the bar a little bit more'

Ingrid Andress, the newest Country Queen on the scene sat down with RADIO.COM’s Coop on Coop’s Rockin' Country Saturday Night on the heels of receiving her first GRAMMY nominations. The artist who released her debut album, Lady Like, this year is up for Best Country Album, Best Country Song, and Best New Artist at the 2021 GRAMMY awards.

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Andress who told the world that it was “such a mindf***” to be nominated for all these awards after dropping her first album ,dove right in with Coop and explains why she was so shocked that women in Country seldom get the recognition they deserve and how she is mentally preparing if she wins any of the awards she is nominated for.

The “Lady Like” singer says she was on the floor screaming as she watched the live stream of the GRAMMY nomination announcements. Ingrid jokes, “I think I’ve peaked.” At this point the talent is still wrapping her head around her major nominations and processing her achievements this year, however, one thing Ingrid feels for certain is that Megan Thee Stallion should win “Best New Artist” because she is “obsessed with her.”

For Ingrid, receiving these nominations is recognition enough. “At the end of the day it’s about how many people, you know, listen to your music to help them get through whatever they’re going through, so to me, that’s the biggest win,” explains the Michigan native.

So much of Andress’ writing has come out of having an abundance of time during the pandemic. While not being able to tour has been a major downside for artists around the globe, Ingrid has also found that the silver lining in all of this has been having the ability to write music that could have been hindered by touring and events. “I wouldn’t have written a lot of the stuff I have if I had been on the road,” explains Ingrid. She adds, “and plus this year, in general, has brought about so many new experiences, and so as creative people we can’t not talk about it.”

Andress’ perspectives and viewpoints not only bring a breath of fresh air to Country music but also delivers new angles to a genre that often gets subjugated to a handful of topics. She tells us, “as far as substance in Country music, I think we could kind of raise the bar a little bit more, and talk about things that are actually happening in this country… because I think a lot of people need something to lean on right now.”

Ingrid’s title track on Lady Like is all about labels and how we are so quick to put people into boxes and categories. On Instagram, the artist explains, “it is one of the most personal songs I have ever written at a time I didn’t feel understood. At first, this song was for me, and now I hope it’s for all of you. Don’t be afraid to be your very own kind of ladylike, whatever that may be, and to live exactly as you are every single day.”

At first, the track started as an opportunity for Andress to vent about her own feelings towards gendered stereotypes, but she quickly realized that there were probably a lot of other people out there who feel the same way. “I’ve never understood gender stereotypes to be honest, ‘cuz I was raised in a family where nobody ever told me I couldn’t do something because I was a girl. Like I never understood that until, you know, I moved and went into the real world and turns out… gender stereotypes are very real,” shares Ingrid. She continues to say, “It’s a very fascinating concept to me… especially in music… when I listen to somebody I’m not focused on like, what they look like or whatever, I just want to know how I feel.”

Andress doesn’t want you to construe “Lady Like” as an angry song, but rather as a commentary on how society has structured these standards for all of us, informed by her own experiences as a rising female artist in Country music.

Ingrid’s debut album is a body of work that exudes various emotions that would be hard for a listener not to connect to. There’s no question as to why the newcomer has received three GRAMMY nominations, even during a year where it was difficult to perform her music live. Ingrid’s Lady Like hits at the core of authenticity and brutal honesty, wrapped up in sweet melodies and addictive up-tempo beats.

For more from Ingrid Andress watch her full interview above.

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