HOME SCHOOLED: Kelsea Ballerini Shares What's Keeping Her Busy in Quarantine

What she’s watching, reading, and playing at home

Kelsea Ballerini gave us the gift of a new album last month, sharing kelsea with the world and giving us all something to dig into during this uncertain time of social distancing.

“The record just has a lot of introspective stuff, a lot of break up songs cause I love breakup songs. It has a couple love songs,” Ballerini shares in the exclusive “Home Schooled” video above – giving us a look inside her self-isolation with her husband Morgan Evans.

“I really just wanted there to be something for everyone,” she smiles. “I know this is a time where you can feel isolated and alone, but hopefully there’s something on the album that will make you not feel that way, and make you feel like we’re all in this world together and all feeling the same things.”

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Kelsea can’t wait to get through this soon, so she can “hug your necks,” but in the meantime she’s been keeping busy with things to watch, read, and plenty of board games.

“I have been watching some TV shows. I would highly recommend ‘Little Fires Everywhere,’ it’s so good it’s on Hulu.”

“I’ve been reading, which, y’all I haven’t read a book since like, college,” she laughs. “But, ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle is really good.
I’d really recommend it.”

There’s also been plenty of couples matches, with Evans and Ballerini taking on Yatzee, Ticket to Ride, and video games. “Morgan and I have been super competitive with Mario Kart. I’ll let you know how that’s going.”

You can find more of how Kelsea Ballerini is keeping busy in the “Home Schooled” video above, as well as her message to everyone out there. “Sending you a lot of love,” she says. “Stay safe.”

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