Jason and Brittany Aldean Surprised Their 17-Year-Old Daughter With At-Home Prom

This will bring a smile to your face

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced high schoolers around the nation to miss out on the time-honored tradition of attending prom.

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany decided to take matters into their own hands this past weekend when their 17-year-old daughter Keeley was at home instead of her junior prom.

As the family is currently quarantined at their beach house, the couple surprised Keeley by throwing her an “at home” prom.

Their gorgeous beachfront estate was decorated with balloons and flowers as the couple awaited to reveal the surprise to Keeley. Jason Aldean served as her prom date joking that his daughter “lost out on that deal.”

The couple brought in take out from P.F. Chang’s to enjoy before the dancing commenced.

Keeley walked into the family’s kitchen when she realized what was happening. “Oh my gosh, you did not,” she exclaimed as she went in for a hug.  The family then proceeded to have a beautiful dance party.

While it can’t replicate the actual event, the Aldean’s efforts go a long way.

Jason Aldean paid tribute to his wife on Instagram a day afterwards writing, “Man I gotta say. This lady is really special. When u marry somebody and u have kids, u hope that person will love ur kids the way you do. I have been really blessed with someone who is not only beautiful but has truly completed my family. @brittanyaldean I love u more than u know and I love our life together. #aldeanpartyof6”

The “at home” prom isn’t the only thoughtful endeavor the Aldean’s have undertaken during the coronavirus pandemic as the couple recently bought lunch for an entire pharmacy in New York.

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