Jimmie Allen is here for Noah Cyrus's CMT Awards outfit

'Entertainment doesn’t stop when it gets to what you wear'
Jimmie Allen
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Jimmie Allen sat down with RADIO.COM's Gunner and Cheyenne on KMLE 107.9 in Phoenix to fill us in on all the details surrounding his performance with Noah Cyrus at the 2020 CMT awards, plus the Country star share’s details about the arrival of his new children’s book and when he hopes to make it to Disneyland next.

When asked about his performance with Cyrus the singer explains that he knew exactly what she was going to wear. Allen says that the look that faced a lot of controversy was something he supported Noah for wearing. “I loved it,” exclaims Jimmie. He continues, “I look at it like this, what people miss a lot of times is the entertainment business and the entertainment doesn’t stop when it gets to what you wear.”

Allen really believes that fashion is a key tool for artists to express themselves. Jimmie likens Noah’s outfit to some of the bold outfits that greats such as Elton John and Prince have worn in order to convey their artistic message. Allen continues to defend Noah’s artistic choice and says, “she had more clothes on than people do at the beach, and you take your kids to the beach.” Finally, he adds, “entertainment is all about getting people to talk about the moment, and that outfit she wore caused people to talk about the moment.”



Jimmie also goes into how he got his book deal and how he came to the idea of writing a children’s book about finding your voice. He says, “the book deal kind of fell into our laps” after an appearance on The Today Show. When the Flamingo Books publisher asked Jimmie what he wanted to convey in the new book he shared, “for me, it's super important for kids to use their voice. If we don’t teach kids at a young age to use their voice, they become adults who are scared to say anything.” Allen wants to “impact children at a young age" and let them know that their voice matters. My Voice is a Trumpet arrives in July of 2021.

For Halloween this year, Allen and his kids went down to Disney World and Allen jokingly shares that his costume this year was “Jimmie Allen, the dad… my dad version of me is dirty Chuck Taylors, some shorts that I probably wore three days in a row without washing them, a dirty shirt that might smell a little mildewed because I left it in the washing machine for an extra day… and a Disney hat.”

Allen and his family are huge Disney fans, and shares that he plans to be there not only for Halloween but for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. Jimmie and his son are huge Disney fanatics and regularly keep up with Disney YouTubers. He and his son keep up with all the parks.

Allen is nominated for New Artist of the Year at the 2020 CMA Awards, which are happening on November 11. Jimmie’s newest album Bettie James is out everywhere. Listen to the full talk with Jimmie Allen below.

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