2020 ACM Awards: Lee Brice Looks Back On The Momentum That Has Brought Him This Far, This Fast

'It feels good to have a song that's going fast because we're always the slow creeper'

Up for a trophy at the 2020 Academy of Country Music awards ceremony, singer and songwriter Lee Brice joined RADIO.COM's Kelly Ford from Radio Row in Nashville to give us a preview of what to expect on the broadcast this year.

Brice is nominated for Single of the Year alongside his contemporaries Blake Shelton, Old Dominion, Kacey Musgraves, and Lady A for his track "Rumor."

"It feels good, you know," Lee tells Kelly. "You work hard on a song writing it, and producing it, and playing it... and then it's nice to be in a category with these folks."

Brice is riding high on the success of "Rumor," his previous hit, a duet with Carly Pearce called "I Hope You're Happy Now" and his latest single, "One Of Them Girls."

"You can't ask for more than the momentum," Lee admits about the luck he's received. "It feels good to have a song that's going fast because we're always the slow creeper, watching weeks, and weeks, and weeks. So, it's nice to be able to see one flying up the charts."

While each hit is incredibly relatable in their own way, testifying to the staying power of his songwriting -- another of Lee's tracks worth mentioning is his song "Hey World," which seems to speak directly to the times we are now in.

"That was a special song," says Lee. "That was the first time I had ever done a Zoom write, so it was kind of ironic. And then Dallas, my buddy, he goes 'you know, this happened this morning.' His kid came in, he's four-years-old, and he says 'daddy, can we turn the TV off?' It was early in the morning, he was just watching the news. He said, 'yeah buddy, but why?' He said, 'because it's scaring me.'

"All the deaths, all the stuff that's coming... its so bad, bad, bad. And it is. It's scary for an adult much less a four-year-old. So, it really took Dallas back for a second... a perspective thing.

Further explaining, Brice says "yes that was the beginning of the song and we were in a moment. It was the beginning of COVID. But also, the song 'Hey World' -- we were talking about it -- even everyday life before this happened and after this is gone, people sometimes just want a minute. They need a minute, and it's OK to not be OK for a minute. It's OK to just shut the world out and have a minute for what you really need which is right in front of you."

"So, the song was special," he says, but the addition of a new musician in his world took the track to even greater heights than he could have imagined. "Then I got to get Blessing Offer. I was just introduced to him, just to his music by my manager. I was like, 'who is this?' I had been looking for somebody to sing on 'Hey World' with me and I said 'that's the guy.'"

Looking back on his time at home now that the lockdown has forced venue closures and tour cancellations worldwide, Lee has learned a few things from quarantine and the effects it can have on an artist's family.

"Not that I didn't know, but I've really learned how much I'm gone when it's normal. I've also learned 'Hard To Love' probably means something different to (wife) Sara now because she's probably ready for me to get back on the road," he laughs.

"But I've also learned that you think you know your kids, but then when you're with them everyday, 24/7, it makes you dig deeper. To be able to get on a level with them on such a consistent basis, for such a long time I really consider it a blessing. I think I'll look back, and my kids and my wife... we'll look back and go, 'maybe that 2020 summer was the best summer we ever had together,' because we were together every day."

What a ride it's been! We wish Lee the best of luck during this year's ACMs ceremony and all of the momentum his heart can handle with all of the music still to come.

Don't miss the 2020 ACM Awards broadcasting live from Nashville with Keith Urban as host on Wednesday, September 16 at 8PM ET on CBS.

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