LOCASH keep the music coming, collaborating on 'jammers' with some of their favorite musicians

'We're just trying to write music that's really uplifting right now'

For a group like LOCASH, time off the road is like time spent holding your breath.

With the prolonged pause in live shows due to health restrictions, LOCASH singer/songwriters Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are doing their best to stay positive and creative while at the same time always keeping their crew at the front of their minds.

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"We want to get back on the road and help them support their families too," Preston explained to RADIO.COM's Coop. "I mean, there was thirteen of us on a bus and then right when it stopped, all of those thirteen families were affected... It'll be nice to get back to work, that's for sure."

Released in early 2019 the band is currently supporting their latest album Brothers with new content, dropping the single and video for "Beers To Catch Up On," a track written with Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover, and Paul DiGiovanni just before the new year. It's a track, especially for Coop, that speaks to the way life has changed while being stuck at home, and the way we all look forward to seeing and catching up with friends.

If you follow the group on social media, you'll see that they've been taking advantage of Zoom sessions to write some "jammers" while stuck at home. "It's kind of all we can do right now," says Preston.

"We're just trying to write music that's really uplifting right now," he says. "We don't want to be right on the nose of the pandemic or talk about those kind of issues. We want to bring smiles to everybody's faces... we want to be those guys that bring the energy and the feel-good to the radio station and to the ears of all the listeners. Anytime we capture that feeling, it's a jammer."

One of the newer songs they've worked on remotely with a still undisclosed collaborator has Chris feeling good vibrations, and he gave us an exclusive reveal of sorts. "You figure out who the artist is, it's real tough," he teased. "The song is called 'Beach Boys.'"

Another recent collaborator LOCASH has worked with, and speak to on a regular basis, is Chris Janson (pictured in the Instagram post above) who has become a big proponent of Zoom writing. "Let me tell you something about Chris Janson," Preston laughs. "When the COVID hit and everybody started Zoom writing, he called me up and said 'I ain't Zoom writing. I ain't gonna do it.' And I said, 'now Janson, we gotta conform to technology for a minute and we gotta stay creative, and keep writing songs.'"

"Nope, count me out. I ain't doing Zoom writes" he remembers Janson saying. "Now, he loves 'em. He loves Zoom writes... I love him so much, man. It just took him a little time to get used to it."

Speaking of getting used to things, Preston gave us a behind-the-scenes look at their biggest single to date, "One Big Country Song." After receiving the song from their label for consideration as the final song on the album, Preston says he knew right away it would fit LOCASH. Chris wasn't so sure. So they recorded the song, high-fived everyone, and went to the car. Chris was still on the fence.

Eventually, while on the road, Chris surprised Preston by announcing they would be playing a new song. Before it was over, the entire crowd was singing along. "I think we knew right then and there that it's gonna connect with everybody who hears it," Preston says. "And man, it went all the way to the top."

Before the pair were Country singers, Preston and Chris were DJs at the legendary Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN where they played quite a few songs that didn't exactly connect the same way. Watch the full interview above as the guys reveal some of the dance songs they cringe at the most, give us a look into dad life, and play a round of "Beer or Not" with Coop.

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