Luke Bryan Gets Emotional on New 'Build Me A Daddy'

Another sneak peek from Bryan's upcoming new album

Just in time for Father’s Day, Luke Bryan shared a brand new song that’ll surely bring a tear to your eye.

“Build Me A Daddy” is Bryan’s latest release and is a ballad about a little boy who lost his father, asking a toymaker to build him a new one.

“Could you build me a daddy? Strong as Superman/Make him ten feet tall, with a southern drawl and a crooked smile if you can/ ‘Cause I sure miss him/ Maybe you could bring him back?/ If I walked in with him, it’d sure make momma happy/ If you could build me a daddy,” Bryan sings in the chorus.

The song comes from Luke Bryan’s upcoming album Born Here Live Here Die Here, which is scheduled to be released on August 7.

Bryan was excited to share the full song with fans after teasing a clip on social media.

“I’ve played this song for a lot of my hardcore buddies and it chokes them up. I think that’s the beauty of country music, to really make you feel emotional,” Bryan said earlier in the week.

Aside from preparing for the release of his new album, Bryan has found some time to relax. In this case, relaxing includes dropping in on Zoom calls with Old Dominion.

He crashed the country group's weekly video chat where it took him a while to get started. Bryan was having WiFi issues as the guys in Old Dominion had some fun with his frozen poses before he finally got connected. He also spoke about the ongoing social media prank war he has with his wife Caroline, taping episodes of American Idol at home, and making the list as one of the year’s highest paid musicians.

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