Maren Morris Slams 'Bozo' Negative Comments on Her Pregnancy

Yet another reason to love Maren Morris

Since making the announcement in October, Maren Morris has been offering fans up a glimpse into her pregnancy. From photos with husband Ryan Hurd, to standing beside Big Bird, to getting some sun and searching for the perfect virgin colada recipe. The “Girl” singer has been “pregnant AF” in her words, but it hasn’t slowed her down any.

Every time Maren Morris posts a pregnancy shot, fans and fellow artists are quick to fill up the comments with love and admiration. “So beautiful” singer Lindsay Ell shared, with Jake Owen adding, “Get it girrrllll” to her latest post. However, there are some that are apparently over the miracle of life, and can’t stop telling Maren their feelings.

Morris shot back at these types of comments on Twitter Monday night, severing up a bit of truth along the way.

“People will comment on my photos ‘we get it, you’re pregnant.’ I wanna be like, ‘sorry, bozo but I’m not currently touring and I don’t have any f***ing hair vitamins or tummy tea to sell you,’” she tweeted. “’The only thing currently going on for me is my pregnancy!’”

No sponsorships or products to sell you, just making people over here.

It’s just the latest bit of truth Morris has decided to drop on the world.
Always an advocate for women, she has previously pointed out that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to choose.

“I know there are so many women who feel like they have to choose between being a touring musician and starting a family. I never wanted my people to choose,” she wrote in December alongside a picture of her with her pregnant bassist. “I think it’s a great conversation to have if you’re an artist who employs women. So let’s shred for 90 minutes and then go rock these babes to sleep on the bus with a glass of wine.”

Morris and Hurd announced they were pregnant with a baby boy in October, an ironic twist after a year of promoting her album, GIRL, and going on the all-female GIRL: The World Tour.

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