EXCLUSIVE: Noah Schnacky Takes Us Inside the Recording Studio for New Music

The young Country star is working with the legendary Dann Huff

Noah Schnacky is one of the brightest young Country stars, with the 22-year-old actor and singer set for big things in 2020. He will be performing at RADIO.COM and KISS Country 99.9’s iconic Chili Cookoff in Miami this weekend, and more music is on the horizon in the next few months.

We joined Schnacky inside Blackbird Studio in Nashville, where we was hard at work with legendary musician and producer Dann Huff. Huff has won multiple awards in the world of Country music, producing artists like Faith Hill, Lonestar, and Rascal Flatts.

“This is literally like living a movie,” Noah smiles with excitement. “We have Dann Huff, who is arguably the most influential producer that’s been in Country over the last few decades, working on this track. It’s not because he has to, cause this man’s at a point where he can do whatever he wants. He’s doing this out of the goodness of his heart because he truly believes in the project.”

Schnacky is glowing as he makes his way around the studio, checking in with all of the players and laughing along with Huff. “I see him as a mentor now, more than just a producer. It’s so cool to me that he’s taken on that figure in my life.”

With just a few songs out in the world, Noah is clearly excited about the opportunity to showcase more of his talent and share more music with the world. He’s also extremely kind and grateful for everyone that’s a part of this process with him.

“Every single one of these musicians inside this studio has their own story, and has their own aha moments with all these tracks that we all listen to as classics, and the fact that we have them all in one room, it’s pretty special.”

You can find more information about Noah Schnacky’s appearance at RADIO.COM and KISS Country 99.9’s Chili Cookoff here.

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