Russell Dickerson tells us that 'Southern Symphony' is an all-encompassing ode to Southern living

The idea of a 'Southern Symphony' has been in Dickerson's back pocket for a decade

Upon the arrival of his newest album Southern SymphonyRussell Dickerson caught with RADIO.COM's Katie Neal to fill us in on the making of his sophomore studio album, his baby boy, and collaborating with Florida Georgia Line.

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When Katie asks about baby Remington, Dickerson’s heart instantly melts as he just says, “my guy, he is my guy,” while whipping out baby photos of his son. Remington, who was born at 10lbs continues to grow every day, Russell adds, “dude is a beast!” Remington has the same initials as Russell and his grandfather.

Dickerson tells us that the baby’s name came from “a friend of ours had a dream who was like ‘hey had a dream y’all had a baby and it was a boy!’ And then that was all she said, but then like two or three weeks later she came back and she was like, ‘I have to apologize, I wanted this name so bad and I didn’t tell you, but in the dream his name was Remington.’ And we were like that name is fire!”

With a newborn baby in tow and a newborn album freshly delivered, Russell is having a great year.

Southern Symphony boasts a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, which was a long time coming for Dickerson and the beloved Country duo. Dickerson explains why he chose to collaborate with FGL on “It’s About Time” and says, “I mean when you hear the song you understand why I asked them… After I finished the song I was just like, there are no other human beings that are going to be on this song. There's no other feature than Florida Georgia Line.” Russell adds that both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley instantly loved the song and quickly ended up in the studio together recording the song.

Since the day he started working on Southern Symphony Dickerson says he’s been deeply focused on what this new music would sound like live. “That’s been my visual since the day I started writing songs. Like I started this whole thing because I love performing, I love being on stage,” shares the Country star. At age 19 Dickerson toured with Christian artist, Chris Tomlin, as a guitar tech because he loved the world of live music so deeply. “Everything about touring I fell in love with, so the being on stage aspect is what I envision in every single song that I write,” adds the “Never Get Old” singer. “I think that’s why this album really has that big arena, stadium, vibe in a year that a lot of music is kind of like bedroom, chill,” says Russell.

When asked where the name Southern Symphony came from Russell shares, “I’ve had that phrase kind of in my back pocket for a decade… when you get a manager, and a business manager, and start touring you have to create like a company… so I was like ‘ehh let's call it ‘Southern Symphony.’ Its kind of like Russell Dickerson and my band is called ‘Southern Symphony.’”

Dickerson only unofficially refers to his band as the “Southern Symphony” but has held on to the name throughout his career. The idea of Dickerson’s “Southern Symphony” is inspired by the sounds, sites, and smells of his childhood and everything that is emblematic of Southern living.

This year Russell says he’s just going to continue to “do me” and “end 2020 with a bang.” With his new album, Dickerson just wants his fans and the industry to trust that he will always put out “quality music.”

For more from Russell Dickerson watch his full interview above. Southern Symphony is out everywhere now.

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