Tim McGraw tells us which of his movies he's never seen

'I can’t look at myself for an hour and a half, two hours, heck no!'

Country all-star, Tim McGraw sat down with RADIO.COM's Gunner and Cheynne from KMLE in Phoenix and talked about everything from his new album Here on Earth, to becoming an empty-nester with Faith Hill, to touching upon why he never watches himself in the films he’s appeared in.

In a couple of weeks, McGraw’s youngest will be leaving the nest, and Tim and Faith will have the house to themselves. The singer shares, “We’ll probably spend a lot of time going to see our kids, we sure miss them.” With their newfound free time Tim predicts that they’ll be traveling to wherever their kids may be, he jokes, “if they’ll let us.” However, McGraw also adds that he misses playing shows and making music live on stage. So, eventually, he hopes to get back on the road as well.

When asked if he ever sits down to watch the films he’s appeared in the “I Called Mama” singer quickly says no. “I’ve never seen Four Christmases… I can’t look at myself for an hour and a half, two hours, heck no,” exclaims Tim. He adds, “I don’t even like to hear myself, much less look at myself.” But, the Country star does love Friday Night Lights. That's the one exception Tim will make when it comes to seeing himself portrayed on the big screen.

McGraw also shares that while he may not love to watch himself on screen he does have some new “cool” projects in the works. “I’m anxious to do a few things,” says Tim.

Additionally, Tim goes into the details behind his new song “I Called Mama” which comes off of his latest record Here on Earth. McGraw was handed the song by long-time friend, songwriter, and Country singer Lance Miller. 

McGraw tells us that after Miller wrote the song he absolutely fell in love with it and brought him to tears. “Lance texted me and said ‘we just wrote a song I want you to hear it’. I heard it and it floored me. It made me cry like a hallmark commercial,” explains Tim.

"Then I wanted Faith to hear it, but I wanted to learn it, so I spent like thirty minutes sorta woodshedding just to learn the first verse and chorus, and sang it for her and goodness every time I got to the hook, ‘I called mama’ I couldn’t do it, I would just fall apart. I’m like well if a song does that to ya you certainly got to pay attention to it.”

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