Watch Luke Bryan Drop in on a Old Dominion Zoom Party

A very special 'Take a Shot Tuesday'

It’s no secret country music fans are some of the most die hard when it comes to fandoms. So when this week’s episode of Old Dominion’s Take a Shot Tuesday live web series got off to a 5 minute late start, the masses had something to say.

According to the band’s bass guitarist Geoff Sprung, who admitted to secretly watching the comments section as they were prepping to start, “it seems that people were upset that we were 5 minutes late.”

Lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, took the blame after making a quip about the short delay. “Well you should see Guns N' Roses livestream, they don’t come on for like 3 hours.” Leading the rest of the band members to erupt in laughter.

Ramsey conceded, “…the truth is that we were late because I was running late. And then I got here, and we were waiting to see if someone else was gonna join us, and then he didn’t, so here we are.”

The fellas were starting to ask the fans and viewers what they thought of their new music when Luke Bryan, the guest in question Ramsey was referring to, popped up on the screen.

After a bit of technical difficulty on Luke’s part, we blame his rural farm living, the gang of guys cheersed, each lifting their adult beverage of choice, and got to talking.

When asked what he’s been up to, Luke didn’t have much to say except “it’s kind of glimpse into retirement,” to which Old Dominion agreed.

The guys asked Luke about the ongoing prank war between him and his wife, which they document on social media. Luke talked about what it’s like to be taping American Idol at home, and made sure to discuss beating Blake Shelton on Forbes Top-Earning Musicians list.

Watch the full episode of Old Dominion’s Take a Shot Tuesday with Luke Bryan below.

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