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The 'Country Things' singer joined us live

Country star, Granger Smith joined RADIO.COM's Coop, for a RADIO.COM LIVE Check In, just on the heels of the release of Country Things Vol. 2. Smith filled us in on all things new, who he’d like to collaborate with next, and shared major details about his latest release, plus answered questions from fans.

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Smith’s tenth studio album comes just in time for the holidays and gives listeners an opportunity to peer into Granger’s infallible “country-state-of-mind.” Part one and two of Country Things totals up to be a sixteen track album that, “is meant to be listened to like a rollercoaster ride.” The album’s highs and lows take the listener on a journey through the iconic artist’s loyalty to all things Country.

Granger tells us, “volume two, it was always meant to be listened to all together, volume one and volume two, sixteen songs, so dividing it up was just so that hopefully people could have a chance to absorb each song on its own so that no songs got lost.” The singer adds, “I don’t, if me personally, I could absorb sixteen songs all at once, and not miss any… it was almost like I was holding my breath as volume one was out, I couldn’t complete the thought until volume two came out and songs like 'Man Made' completed the whole picture.”

The new LP is built on a foundation of classic Country, but Smith put his whole heart on display for the new album. Of course, we still get a taste of staples like, “boots, beers and trucks” but at the same time, the “Workaholic” singer shows off an in-depth side of his emotions.

When a fan asks if Granger has ever experienced disappointment, assuming he hasn’t because Country Things Vol. 2 is just “so good,” the singer tells us, “expectations is a big key, basically in this world, but in the music business having a higher gratefulness than your expectations equals less disappointment.” The sentiment that Smith explains is a powerful viewpoint that can be prescribed to the way in which we can continue to get through 2020. Yet, when asked what his favorite song is from the new record, Smith says, “gosh it’s so hard for me, it’s like trying to pick a child and saying which one is your favorite, but I would say today, 'Hate You Like I Love You' would be my favorite out of this group.”

In terms of who he’s looking to collaborate with next Granger has his sights set high on a collab with Carrie Underwood. Smith would love to work with the Country Queen.

While Smith admits he hasn’t finished all of his Christmas shopping this year, he says that releasing some Christmas music has “always been a plan, especially with Earl Dibbles Jr., to do a funny Country boy Christmas album.”

“It’s always hard because you need to do it in the month of June, that’s like the target month for recording a Christmas album and it seems like every time June rolls around I’m into something else, and so it needs to be kind of almost planned now…. so maybe I’ll start that for 2021,” Granger shares with some hope.

Smith delves into some of the meanings behind his songs, in particular, “I Kill Spiders” and “Buy A Boy A Baseball,” which both possess a heart-melting feeling that are meant for Smith’s daughter and son.

“A dear friend of mine texted me one day and said, ‘man I’ve got a great idea for a song its called ‘I Kill Spiders’ and I was like, ‘oh that’s interesting, but alright I’m listening.’ And he said, ‘It's my song to my little girls that no matter what happens in my life, no matter what happens in my career, to them I’ll always be the hero that can kill spiders.’ And I was like, ‘man that’s a great idea.’… it was one of those songs that came quickly, I did a little work tape and sent it back to him and he said ‘I love it!’ And that’s the version you hear on the record,” divulges Smith.

With the end of the year music reviews and wraps coming out throughout the month of December, Granger has been a part of many fan’s daily listening routines. He says, “it means a lot to know that I’m living in someone’s life… in a way.”

For more from Granger Smith watch his full interview above.

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