RADIO.COM LIVE: Cam’s 'The Otherside' tells a full story and represents 'all the colors in the wheel'

The Country star details her new album, arriving October 30

Country star and GRAMMY-nominated artist, Cam joined us for a special RADIO.COM LIVE just days before the release of her sophomore album The Otherside.

The artist, who flaunts a hint of glitz and vintage Country flair, gave us a look at new mom life, insight into her new album, and most excitingly shared a few of her new songs with us.

On Motherhood Cam says, “Every day beats the last because she’s getting more smiles, more personality, now when I walk in the room she like lights up and is so excited to see me.”

Cam is also making sure to expose her daughter to music from the get-go. The Country star’s daughter recently watched her mom perform during a stunning, intricate, and intense rendition of “Till There’s Nothing Left” on America’s Got Talent. The performance featured pyrotechnics and blind-folded acrobat performers who were timed to Cam’s vocal cues. The singer tells us, “lives were literally on the line.” She also explains that the AGT performance was more nerve-wracking than performing The National Anthem at a major sports arena.

On her new 11-track album The Otherside, which has been three years in the making, Cam says, “it has been a whole transitory time.”

Since releasing her 2015 album, Untamed, until now Cam has gotten married, had a baby, toured the world, shifted record labels, written for Sam Smith and Harry Styles, and grown as an artist. She shares, “you get lost in the weeds sometimes and get pissed that you don’t have a straight line to exactly the ice cream bowl that you want at the end, but it is so worth it because you know, here now, I’m putting out this album and it has a song from Harry Styles and song from Sam Smith. You know, each of those twists ended up creating something, and helping me become me, and make this album be the best thing it can be.”

The “Classic” singer also opens up about getting to write with Avicii. She candidly shares that the experience “is really, incredibly, special now. Now that he’s not with us I feel like this extra pressure too, just to make sure for his legacy, for his family…to make sure this is right.” Cam adds that Avicii was a “perfectionist” so, she worked intensely to ensure that the album would reflect the DJ and producer’s fantastic work ethic. “It got the time it deserved and now I’m so excited that it's something people get to fall in love with,” gushes Cam.

Listeners can expect the new album to feel like “a full arc,” says Cam. The artist creates records that feel more like a “movie soundtrack” rather than just a handful of tracks strung together on an LP. The Otherside tells a full story and represents “all the colors in the wheel.” Cam is so excited to see which songs fans resonate with most.

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The Otherside is due out everywhere on October 30.

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