Does Nick Jonas Really Have a 'Dad Bod'?

The body shamers have spoken, and the definition of "dad bod" seems to be changing everyday. The latest victim of dad bod-shamers everywhere is Nick Jonas - and the shaming comes for no good reason, according to fans.

Much like the photo of Jason Momoa that made its rounds on the Internet last week, Jonas' "dad bod" is one of the better looking dad bods many have ever seen.

And even though the "dad bod" usually gets a bad rep, it seems that even the slightest variance from a man's normally chiseled frame is what will warrant the shame for Internet users worldwide. Still, many are fawning over Jonas' rarely photographed love handles.

Between all of the wedding cakes he's had to go through this year (probably two from Joe Jonas's wedding festivities and about a dozen from his own ceremonies), it's understandable that his frame would look a little different than usual.

Many fans can't help but think the shaming comments beg the question, "Who cares!?" Still, the dad bod remarks continue to flow in.

Despite the "dad bod" comments flooding Twitter, fans of both Jonas and Momoa are rushing to their love handled sides, hoping for a closer look at what they deem an even more attractive version of the stars.

There's no denying that Jonas is still as fit and good-looking as ever.