Tori Spelling Reveals the Shocking Thing That Boosted Her Self-Confidence


Tori Spelling was instrumental in getting the “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot off the ground, but there’s one thing she clearly doesn’t want to revisit and that’s her character Donna Martin’s thin ‘90s eyebrows.

The 46-year-old opened up about how getting fuller brows through microblading has given her more confidence after years of overplucking, according to Us Weekly.

If you aren’t familiar with the cosmetic procedure, microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to give the appearance of fuller brows. While the cost can vary by location, customers can expect to pay between $250 - $900 on microblading.

Spelling shared pics of her transformation in a series of photos detailing how she looked before and after undergoing the makeover.

I know sooooo many people who have tried #microblading but honestly I was terrified to do it, “ the  self-professed over plucker disclosed.

While she admitted the ’90s trend of pencil-then eyebrows were partly to blame, a recent mishap was the final straw that pushed her to try the pigment needle technique.

“Then, about three weeks ago I blew it and made a hole in one of my brows while trying to tweeze them,” she continued. “That’s when I knew I just had to go for it!”

Now “obsessed” with microblading, the “BH90210” actress couldn’t be happier with her bigger and perfectly manicured brows which she flaunted proudly in her snaps.

“Who knew brows could literally boost your self-confidence!” she continued. “I feel so good about myself right now. “

Now Spelling can enlist her fellow West Beverly alums to chant, “Donna Martin graduates… to better brows.”