Brad Pitt lends his voice to Biden campaign ad during World Series


Joe Biden looked no further than Brad Pitt to voice the campaign ad that ran during the 2020 World Series.

In the ad, Biden can be seen shaking hands and making conversation with all sorts of people - young and old. Behind the whispers of Biden's words, viewers may have noticed a familiar voice urging those watching to vote for Biden.

Pitt, a pricey voice actor to nail down, lent his voice to the campaign, saying, "America is a place for everyone."

He continued, "Those who chose this country, those who fought for it, some Republicans, some Democrats, and most just somewhere in between. All looking for the same thing - someone who understands their hopes, their dreams, their pain, to listen, to bring people together."

Pitt goes on to say that people are just looking for someone to "look you in the eye" and "treat you with respect."

While Pitt never identifies himself as the iconic actor, the voice is "unmistakeable," according to TMZ.

The publication also reports that the campaign ad cost $4 million. The Biden campaign has run an ad during each game of the World Series.

Pitt has been keeping busy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most recently taking part in a table read for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" alongside stars like Jennifer Aniston, Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, and Matthew McConaughey.

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