Fort Worth making its way to Magnolia TV with new show 'Self Employed'

By NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

Move over Waco, Fort Worth is making its way to Magnolia TV.

The 'Fixer Uppers' stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are planning to launch their own TV channel called the Magnolia Network starting next year, and one of the newest shows debuting is called Self Employed.

The new show features Fort Worth entrepreneur Jonathan Morris.

In the new show, you'll get to see Morris traveling to various cities and learning the successes and challenges of other small business owners.

Magnolia Network was originally scheduled to launch in October of this year, but it was delayed by the coronavirus.

In a recent interview, Morris says Fort Worth is much more than just a "Cowtown," he says they’re a Funkytown, too. He hopes people can see us as a functional city, a dynamic city.

Self Employed is on course to begin airing as soon as spring 2021.

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