Watch Goldie Hawn, 74, Dance to 'Hey Ya!' While Washing Dishes


Doing dishes doesn't have to be a bore in the Hawn household.

Goldie Hawn took to Instagram on Saturday to show off some of her moves as she washed some plates.

The actress twirled around the kitchen while drying a plate, sporting athletic-wear and a pair of fresh sneakers to the tune of "Hey Ya!" by Outkast. When done with the plate, she trades it for a couple of glasses for the table.

Her youngest son, Wyatt Russell, made an appearance in the clip as well, making sure to stop and "shake it like a polaroid picture" for a brief camera moment. Her husband, Kurt Russell, makes a brief appearance during the last second of the video.

"Washing dishes doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a dance!" the actress wrote alongside the fun video clip. "It's all up to us."

Fans flooded the comments section, highlighting the importance of her day-making video. "This is everything," one user writes. Another chimed in, "I'm not the only one who dances while washing dishes.

Actress Diane Keaton even chimed in with a laughing emoji.

Hawn is no stranger to flaunting her moves for the 'gram. On May 13, she posted a video of herself busting a move to "Physical" by Dua Lipa. The star sported the same all-black athletic attire.

She jumped around for a bit on her trampoline in her home gym while flaunting some major arm movements. "Dance, jump and twirl like nobody's watching," Hawn captioned the video.

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