Gwen Stefani Gave Herself and Blake Shelton a Celeb Couple Nickname


For years, the tabloids loved to re-name power celebrity couples.

Gwen Stefani has now taken that role and has given herself and Blake Shelton a celebrity couple name.

Stefani has now given them the nickname, Gwake, which combines both of their names.

"Alright, so, just so you know, I got a new nickname for me and Blake,” the “Hollaback Girl” singer said. “It's called 'Gwake,' and I'm really excited about it! It's like Gwen and Blake together, but Gwake. I didn't make that up, he made that up."

According to TODAY, the couple has never talked about a nickname. Fans have referred to the couple as Shefani, which combines both of their last names.

Back in October, on an episode of “The Voice,” Stefani explained her surprising dynamic with Blake while commenting on the unexpected chemistry between two of her battlers.

"The contrast in the duet is working amazingly," Stefani told baby-faced Tiara Brown and older earthy Royce Lovett. "It's like me and Blake: We do not seem like we would be together, but yet we go together perfectly. It's like this weird contrast.

Since taking their relationship to the next level after meeting while working on “The Voice,” the pair have been nearly inseparable and adorable.

While they may lead a glamorous life in front of the cameras, the musical lovebirds are pretty down-to-earth when it comes to the things that matter most.

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