Kelly Ripa Jokes That Wine Sales Dropped After She Quit Drinking


Kelly Ripa has revealed to her fans that she no longer drinks alcohol.

On Monday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” the talk show host told audience members that she had actually quit drinking while discussing why wine sales dropped in 2019.

“They’re saying that Americans bought less wine last year. It’s the first drop in a quarter of a century,” she said. “Now, I believe this is because I quit drinking, that I caused this dip. I have influenced the market.”

“I’m not saying I’ve driven people [out of drinking alcohol], I’m saying I stopped buying wine and there’s a … dip,” Ripa joke.

While Ripa did not explain why she stopped drinking, she hinted that it started when Ryan Seacrest joined the show in 2017, reports People.

“I started the show and she quit drinking. What does that tell you?” joked Seacrest, to which Ripa responded: “Exactly. … It’s amazing.”

Ripa's not afraid to get personal... or dish it out. Earlier in January, the host made it clear, if you say something mean, she's not going to let it go.

Ripa clapped back on Instagram after sharing a picture of her husband Mark Consuelos' new haircut.

"#daddy got a haircut. That’s right, i said it. #DADDY,” Ripa captioned the photo.

An unimpressed user commented, "Oh grow up."

Ripa pounced on the hating comment, instantly responding, "Oh go appreciate your animals and recite your mantra cath 😂."

The TV host evidently did some digging for the diss. What seems like an out-there attack makes sense in the context of page of the user, whose bio reads: "I love animals. That's quite obvious. I'm also a spiritual person. I love my life. Smile. Life is a precious gift. Appreciation is my mantra."

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