Meghan Markle Overheard Saying ‘They Don’t Make It Easy’ to Be a Royal

It’s hard out here for a Duchess!

Meghan Markle kept it real while attending the premiere of The Lion King in London earlier this week.

While chatting with Pharrell Williams on the film’s red carpet, the Duchess of Sussex was overheard discussing how life in the royal spotlight isn’t always a walk in the park, according to People.

"It's so beautiful, your union," Pharrell told Meghan and husband Prince Harry. "Love is amazing. It's beautiful. Don't ever take that for granted, what it means in today's climate. I wanted to tell you it's so significant for so many of us. Seriously. It's significant. We cheer you guys on."

"Oh thank you," Markle graciously replied, before adding: "They don't make it easy."

While the 37-year-old former actress didn’t divulge what she meant exactly, it appeared she was alluding to the media scrutiny that comes with marrying into the royal family.

Just recently, Meghan received some blowback after spectators at Wimbledon were reportedly told by her security team not to photograph the Duchess as she watched Serena Williams play a match.

Celebs like Tatum O’Neal and Piers Morgan furthered the backlash by calling out Markle’s alleged diva behavior since she is a public person.

But the negative press seemed to be a misunderstanding as a palace insider later revealed it’s standard protocol to have security instruct onlookers not to photograph members of the royal family so as not to cause a spectacle.

While no doubt being a part of the royal family comes with its own set of burdens, it’s hard to feel bad since Meghan did get to meet - and hug - Beyoncé!