Nick Cordero's Wife Says He's in a 'Vicious ICU Dance Circle'


Nick Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, took to Instagram on Sunday with an update on the Broadway star's health, saying he's been in a "vicious ICU dance circle."

Kloots admitted to having an emotional day after her sister left to go back to her home in Paris. Kloots then visited Cordero in the hospital.

"Nick is doing OK, it's just that he's in this vicious ICU dance circle where on thing goes right and then another thing goes wrong and that thing that was wrong goes right but then the thing that was right goes wrong," she said on her Instagram stories.

"To me, right now it's just like, how do we get out of this vicious circle, this circle of the ICU?" she continued.

Cordero has been battling coronavirus for nearly 90 days now and has had his right leg amputated due to complications from the virus. "There's still carbon dioxide level problems. He's still acidotic, and there's still blood pressure issues," Kloots said of 41-year-old Cordero.

"So, we kind of really need those things to get sorted in order to move forward. So I'm hoping and I'm keeping the faith that this week those things happen and we see some sort of advancement. So please keep Nick in your prayers," she continued.

Cordero was initially hospitalized on March 30 and tested positive for coronavirus soon after.

Kloots took to Instagram again on Monday with a photo of herself and Cordero, alongside the caption, "Here's hoping for a good week. Prayer warriors please pray that his body gets stronger. Please pray that his Ph levels normalize. Please pray that he can get off blood pressure machines. I believe in the power of prayer."

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