Reese Witherspoon Twins With Daughter in Adorable New Holiday Pic


Like mother, like daughter! It definitely shows in this picture with Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillipe.

Witherspoon and her look-alike daughter had a girls night out, both showcasing their red lipstick. "The Morning Show" star posted the selfie to Instagram and captioned the photo, “Girls night out with my favorite daughter! (ok she’s my only daughter but still) ❤️."

The picture shows the actress and her daughter smiling in their red lipstick and black tops. The mother-daughter duo also wore dangling earrings with Witherspoon wearing her festive ribbons and her daughter sporting gold balls.

Earlier this month, the actress shared her adorable pups' latest shenanigans in an Instagram story of them tucked out after snacking on the actress's shoes. Witherspoon posted a photo of her two bulldogs, Lou and Peter, surrounded by sneakers.

She then shared a poll asking people on Instagram who they thought was the culprit behind action.

“Which one of you guys ate all the shoes?” Witherspoon asked her dogs. “Pepper, was it you?” “Lou, did you eat all the shoes?” she continued.

After the actress questioned her pups, she then shared a clip of the dog she thinks did it. She showed her bulldog Lou who can be seen in a deep sleep.

“Shoe coma,” the actress captioned the photo as she suggested that Lou did it.

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