Savannah Guthrie Sings 'Corona Shuffle' to Teach Daughter How to Wash Hands Amid Coronavirus


Savannah Guthrie is taking the creative approach to teaching her daughter how washing your hands is essential amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Today co-anchor posted an adorable video of the lesson she imparted to her daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman: a fun, silly made-up song.

She captioned the video, “Making hand washing fun ✔️
Making corona less scary for little ones ✔️ #coronashuffle #viralvideo 😂.”

“We do a little dance, and we scrub our little hands,” Guthrie sings. “We get soap under our nails. What’s it called?”

Her daughter Vale then replies, “The corona shuffle!”

“The corona shuffle!” her mom said as she allows her daughter to sing the rest of the song.

“Now we rise our hands, it’s time to rinse, rinse, rinse them!” the five-year-old sings as she splashes the water.

“Splash optional,” Guthrie jokes as she turned off the water while her daughter continues to dance.

People were quick to comment on her video, expressing how vital it is to teach children about the coronavirus. One user commented, “This is so cute and so smart.”

The COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, is causing many parents to worry about their kids.

Young children and babies are often susceptible to diseases, but this new outbreak is specifically unique. Flu-like viruses tend to affect populations like a bell curve, hitting the oldest and youngest victims the hardest.

According to a February report in JAMA, most people who had coronavirus are adults over the age of 50. It’s not entirely clear why yet, but kids don’t seem to be getting the virus at alarming rates.

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