Chris Rivers Opens Up About Father Big Pun's 'Legend' Status

Rapper Chris Rivers is opening up about the death of his father, late rapper Big Pun, and what it means to become a legend.

Rivers sat down with Doggie Diamonds on his RADIO.COM Original podcast, “No Filter” to talk about how a person can become a legend. Doggie Diamonds jumpstarts the conversation by asking Rivers if his father, Big Pun, is a legend.

“Absolutely,” Rivers replies, which prompts Doggie Diamonds to ask how one becomes a legend. “You don’t need to die to be a legend. It does help,” Rivers jokes.

On a more serious note, Rivers reveals that becoming a legend means really owning yourself in the best way you know how. “Everyone that I consider legendary, they mastered themselves,” he says. And it’s not about being better than someone else. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they were better than each other,” he says. It’s all about being your own best.

Despite Big Pun’s legend status, his fame wouldn’t have been quite the same if he was starting out today. “If he came out today, it wouldn’t be the same. He wouldn’t be the first Latin to go platinum,” Rivers explains. “What he did can’t be replicated because of the timing.”

Because he came out in a time when cell phones and advanced technology weren’t around so much, Big Pun was able to make a different kind of splash. “It was the perfect timing mixed with the perfect individual who mastered themselves that orchestrated the series of events that gave him this legendary moniker,” Rivers explains.

Big Pun’s legend status comes from how he made use of his time in the spotlight, capitalizing on his big moment.

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