Diddy’s diving skills have the internet going crazy

Diddy is making his splash
Photo credit Getty Images

Over the weekend Sean “Diddy” Combs took to Instagram Reels to show us how he’s been practicing his diving skills, however, it seems like there is room for improvement.

Diddy captions the hysterical video “practicing my dive”, yet just as you think the hip hop business mogul is about to gracefully dive into his sparkling lapis pool, the icon practically leapfrogs into the water. Graceful is not the word we’d use to describe this moment.

With goggles in place and a serious look on his face, Diddy’s dry and quirky sense of humor shines, as does the 51-year old’s toned and flexed biceps. As Diddy maneuvers into the pool, we hear Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Concrete Jungle" playing in throughout the video.

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The clip instantly went viral and gained reactions from Naomi Campbell, who commented “Bravo Brother” and Taraji P. Henson, who said amidst a ton of crying-laughing emojis, “YOU KNOW WHAT. I’m not doing this with you.”

Additionally, Usher and Ty Dolla $ign also dropped a few crying-laughing emojis in the comments to show support for their friend.

The video is also featured on Diddy’s TikTok, where one viewer made the astute observation, “that dive is exactly how 2020 is going.”

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