Drake Names His Five Favorite Rappers of All Time

Drizzy gives us a look at his starting five

If you’ve got the patience to sift through a comments section, you’re occasionally rewarded with a gem.

That was the case for Drake fans as an Instagram comment he left revealed who his five favorite rappers of all time are.

OVO Hush made a post showcasing old mixtapes he was featured on and lo and behold, Drake was spotted in the comments section dropping some knowledge.

Drizzy’s lineup of the top five rappers includes Lil Wayne, JAY-Z, Andre 3000, The Notorious B.I.G., and Young Tony AKA OVO Hush. It’s worth noting that Hush was the one who posted the photo so it’s entirely possible Drake could be joking around with him. However, the fellow Toronto rapper has been name checked several times throughout Drake's career.

Drake recently dropped a new mixtape called the Dark Lane Demo Tapes to the pleasant surprise of his fans. He’d already shared a few songs on the mixtape like “When to Say When,” “Chicago Freestyle,” and “Toosie Slide,” but it’d been almost two years since his last project. “Toosie Slide” saw Drake make history as he became the first male act to debut in the top spot of Billboard’s Hot 100 for the third time.

It looks like it could be the tip of the iceberg as far as new material as Drake told fans on Diddy’s IG Live he was working on “something fresh and new,” adding that it’s “probably the most music I’ve been sitting on.”

Although he hasn’t announced a release date yet, Drake wrote in an Instagram post “my 6th STUDIO ALBUM DROPPING SUMMER 2020!!! Lucky number 6. Soon fwd.”

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