Gunna and His Alter-Ego Are Back With a Banger of an Album on 'WUNNA'

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The long weekend just got even better. The master of drip, Gunna, just gave us the album we’ve all been waiting for. This is the Atlanta rapper’s first full album since he dropped Drip or Drown 2 in 2019.

Gunna’s new eighteen-track banger, WUNNA is an homage to his alter ego, also named Wunna. The rapper explains in a new interview with Apple Music,"Wunna is like me. It's my alter-ego. You see, I'm a Gemini. Wunna come with vibes, he appeal to women, he look out for women, he take care of women. That's the other side of me that people don't really know about.”

WUNNA is meant to let fans in a bit more and see the real personality behind the opulent rapper. "I'm really just trying to tap in with me showing more of my personality, which is real life. I don't really record and put it on the internet, cuz it's real. You gotta tap in and let your fans know you more, so that's where this came from. I made sure I touched every vibe. I got that real s***, that fun s***, I got that girl s***, and then I got that calm just Gunna flow, drip,” says the “Drip Too Hard” rapper.

Gunna also dives into his music making and releasing process. He shares, “it's about timing. It's always in the mind. I got in mind when I want to drop 'Harder 2' with Lil Baby. It's just about time and then putting it out. I been wanting to drop Wunna, but it had to be right.”

Additionally the rapper speaks to his creative process and how he find inspiration for his verses. “It's me being at a level to provide for my family and me setting the tone for my nieces and nephews and then me being heard and listening, they following this s*** and they're like, I'm leading s*** through music," shares Gunna. "So that's my inspiration. My voice, my talent is my inspiration, being acknowledged for my talent. I always wanted this. I always wanted to rap and I feel like I'm getting that work that I put in back. That's the inspiration too.”

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