Kanye West Says He’s Done With Trump

West confirmed his run for president of the United States in 2020

So, Kanye West’s not kidding. He’s really about to run for president. We think… Here is everything we know.

According to a freshly published interview with Forbesthe Chicago native has verified his Forth of July declaration about running for president of the United States in 2020.

Ye announced that his campaign slogan is “YES!” and that he has already selected his running mate: Wyoming preacher, Michelle Tidball. He also stated that instead of running under the Democratic or Republican Party, he has chosen to run under the Birthday Party. His explanation, “because when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.” Lol, now he’s kidding, right? That’s just Kanye being Kanye.

We know what you’re thinking, doesn’t Kanye love Trump?

Well, according to Mr. West himself, he insists he’s lost confidence in the president and no longer supports Trump, “I am taking the red hat off, with this interview.”

Speaking of not supporting, not everyone is on board with West’s plans to takeover the White House. Former NBA champion and current Black Lives Matter activist Stephen Jackson took to IG and shared a screenshot from radio personality DJ Hed saying people should stop supporting celebrity candidates with no political experience. Which prompted Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx to pop off in the comments section in agreement, “Gottdamn right!!! Ain’t got time for the bulls***!!”

Lucky for Kanye, he really doesn’t care what people think, and his journey to POTUS urges on.

Ye, has chosen wifey Kim Kardashian West and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as advisors to guide his campaign. Musk assured Kanye he had his “full support” from the jump, and according to Ye, him and Musk have “been talking about this for years.”

Kanye’s decision to run actually came a few years back after having an epiphany at his mother-in-law Kris Jenner's home. "It’s when I was being offered the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards at MTV," Kanye began. "I remember being at my mom’s house, my mother-in-law, because my house was being worked on, she calls me ‘son’ and I call her ‘mom,’ I was in the shower thinking, I write raps in the shower. It hit me to say, ‘you’re going to run for president’ and I started laughing hysterically, I was like this is the best, I'm going to go out there and they’re going to think I'm going to do these songs and do this for entertainment, how rigged awards shows are, and then say I’m president. And I just laughed in the shower, I don’t know for how long, but that’s the moment it hit me.”

While he isn’t too focused on campaign strategies of any kind, Kanye has ideas and plenty of opinions. He envisions a White House organizational model based on the secret country of Wakanda in Black Panther. When asked about his thoughts on foreign policy Ye wasn’t too concerned, “I haven’t developed it yet. I’m focused on protecting America, first, with our great military. Let’s focus on ourselves first.” Ultimately, Ye believes that when it comes to developing policies, a different approach is necessary. “I don’t know if I would use the word policy for the way I would approach things. I don’t have a policy when I went to Nike and designed Yeezy and went to Louis and designed a Louis Vuitton at the same time. It wasn’t a policy, it was a design. We need to innovate the design to be able to free the mind at this time.”

Kanye has 30 days to make a final decision, which at that point, he will have missed the filing deadline in a number of states. With that said, he believes he has a plan, saying he’ll cite coronavirus concerns to get him placed on the ballots he won't be eligible for.

If Kanye makes the deadline, it seems as though he is definitely running for president in this years election…we think.

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