Lil Baby Taps Into Today on 'The Bigger Picture': 'These Scars Too Deep to Heal Us'

Fresh from the frontline

Less than a week after he marched in protest against racial injustice with Atlanta city councilman Antonio Brown, rapper Lil Baby is doubling down with his new release, "The Bigger Picture."

"I gave them chance and chance and chance again, I even done told them please," he says in the opening lines. "I find it crazy the police will shoot you and know that you dead but still tell you to freeze."

Moving away from the glamorous topics we're used to from the Atlanta emcee, Baby discusses his past run-ins with law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and racism in general -- while eliciting imagery fresh in the minds of all Americans following the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery among countless others.

"They trainin’ officers to kill us. They shootin’ protestors with these rubber bullets. They regular people I know that they feel it, These scars too deep to heal us."

"It’s bigger than Black and White," he sings in the chorus, adding some positivity and the hope for change. "It’s a problem with the whole way of life, it can’t change overnight. But we gotta start somewhere, might as well gone ‘head start here. We done had a hell of a year, I’m goin make it count while I’m here. God is the only man I fear."

In a post on Instagram, Lil Baby announced he will be donating proceeds from “The Bigger Picture" to three different organizations. A representative tells XXL magazine that those organizations are The Bail Project, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Breonna Taylor legal fund.

One final note from Lil Baby…

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