Lil Nas X Eyes History, Adds RM of BTS to 'Old Town Road' Remix

The viral hit goes international

Lil Nas X is seriously shooting his shot.

With “Old Town Road” now tied for the most weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, X has added yet another remix to the song’s stamina. “Seoul Town Road” is the latest remix of the now multi-mixed hit, this time featuring RM of BTS. The K-pop King is a global phenomenon along with the other members of the group, and his addition to the remix roster seems like a surefire path to chart history.

These two 2019 supernovas seem like they’ve been on a collision course for months, with the 20-year-old artist and BTS’ own record-shattering success in the states being two of the year’s biggest storylines. Even before the group kicked off their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour, RM and the boys were singing the praises of Lil Nas X, listing “Old Town Road” as one of their favorite songs in the exclusive conversation below.


Only two songs in the past six decades have accomplished what “Old Town Road” has, reaching number one and staying there for 16 weeks. “One Sweet Day” from Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men set the record in 1996, and “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber matched the mark in 2017.
It seems like this tie is temporary though, with this 9th inning addition making history almost unstoppable.

It’s an amazing journey for a song. The quick classic traveled from viral TikTok challenge, to Country controversy, to barrier-breaking success. As Lil Nas X has explained to RADIO.COM, it all happened just in time.

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After dropping out of school and moving in with his sister, the clock was ticking for the singer to get it together and get out on his own. Early frustrations in the industry left him in a tough position. "This was during the time that I just had a song that was doing okay, then it slowed down" he explained. "I'm just kinda like, sad that, it's not what I thought it was gonna be, and my sister wants me gone and it looks like everything is closing in on me."

"I started to write the song, and it started off as a loner, runaway cowboy" details Lil Nas X about the first phases of the hit. It would grow into something different, with the Wild West imagery doubling for some of the trouble he was dealing with in his own life. "Later on, through the month of me switching words in and melodies, and things out and stuff, I changed it so that the horse would be a symbol for not having much to work with and the Old Town Road be a path to success."

That path has led him here, a dozen or so remixes later, to the edge of history.

For more from Lil Nas X and the origin of “Old Town Road”, watch the exclusive video below.