In the middle of the pandemic Rick Ross says affordable healthcare 'is more necessary than ever.'

After his own health scares Ross is committed to creating access to healthcare
Rick Ross
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Just as he announced his revolutionary new partnership with Jetdoc for a new digital, affordable, healthcare platform, iconic rapper and business mogul, Rick Ross called into The Kenny Burns Show on RADIO.COM's V-103, to fill us in on the venture.

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“I’m happy to be a part of Jetdoc, and I’m happy to be using my platform for something that’s beneficial to not just myself, but my community, my people,” Ross shares. After facing his own public health scares and suffering from seizures, the rapper felt it was time to stand for access to affordable health care.

“I had my own personal issues… but more importantly when I’m at the doctor’s, and I’m meeting other people, speaking to people - they’re fans, they’re elderly, they’re young - you know you just run across so many people that don’t have health insurance," explains Ross. “You know they’re telling me the reason they haven’t came to the doctor before was because they couldn’t afford it. And that was just something for the last ten years that’s been on my heart, and I was just waiting for this opportunity.”

Jetdoc will provide affordable, accessible healthcare via a digital platform. Telehealth sessions can take place over mobile phones and other devices. Patients will have access to board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners. On the Jetdoc site it's stated that “for $10 a month, users get unlimited video access to our arsenal of quality healthcare professionals for themselves and up to four family members whenever and wherever needed.” Plus Jetdoc members can save up to 85% on retail prescriptions at most major pharmacies.

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“This about life,” exclaims Ross. He continues, “not just life, but the quality of life that we get blessed to live… I’m happy to be a part of this… this being black-owned, the post-George Floyd era, and right now in the middle of a pandemic this is more necessary than ever."

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