Rihanna Shocked by Photo of Her Mini Doppelganger

See her striking little twin

Rihanna recently stumbled across a photo that everyone thought was a childhood throwback of herself. It turns out, the girl in the photo isn’t actually RiRi, it’s just her tiny twin.

The “Needed Me” songstress shared a photo to Instagram of a young girl that looks exactly like her. The girl, donned in an adorable floral top with flowing locks that are giving us hair envy, has an uncanny resemblance to Rihanna.

"Almost drop my phone. how?" Rihanna wrote in the caption of a picture of her tiny doppelganger. The girl’s mother, @iambriakay, is tagged in the photo and now has well over 100k likes on the snap of her daughter.

Even her energy matches Rihanna’s with an unmatched fierceness and a smoldering look. Her style is also on par with the Fenty designer’s well-documented love of fashion.