Snoop Dogg and DMX Unleash Latest ‘Verzuz’ Rap Battle

The two went head-to-head in a true 'battle of the dogs'

On Wednesday night’s Verzuz Snoop Dogg and DMX faced off in an epic “battle of the dogs,” giving us exactly what we needed during these dog days of summer. No East Coast-West Coast beef was present, just mutual respect, admiration and plenty of good music.

As per usual, the battle took a little longer than expected to get started. Once Snoop appeared on the screen in a cloud of billowing smoke (jk it was just a puff), he conducted a quick mic check and called out for X, “where my motherf****** dog at?” After a quick prayer as well as some chicken strips and Kool-Aid, the two were off.

With the battle spanning a little over 2 hours long, fans joined in to bear witness to legends going toe-to-toe with an offering of their greatest hits, including “Deep Cover,” “Where My Dogs At,” and "Gin and Juice,” just to name a few.

The rappers kept the evening filled with positive vibes, often backing each other up on various tracks. Snoop primarily (pimp)leaned on his first decade of hits, choosing tracks spanning from 1992 to 2004, similarly, DMX had the same idea.

By the end of the night festivities it seemed imperative to give respect where respect is due. Both legendary emcees had a major hand in leading to the come up of an era many reflect on as the golden age of Hip Hop. Years later, still impressing us with their lyrical prowess, the pair showed out, leaving nothing on the table, making it quite difficult for us to settle on a winner.

Actually when you think about it, we’re the winners here for being mere spectators and also for being able to go back and re-watch the battle as many times as we please. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, watch the entire night of epic-ness on the official Verzuz Instagram page above.

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