Snoop Dogg launches #VoteWithSnoop ahead of November election

Snoop wants you to fill out that bizz-allot

Snoop Dogg is entering the political arena launching a multi-media voter registration campaign called #VoteWithSnoop ahead of the November 3rd general election. The rapper teamed up with advocacy groups Rock The Vote, and 1 VoteCloser to create a series of posters to display through social media and cities around the country.

“I’m Voting to End Police Brutality. Join me and register to vote today!,” Snoop tweeted along with a black and white poster of the artist below type reading “I’M VOTING.”

Snoop is a self-admitted political novice whose new found motivation to vote coincides with a contentious election. "This is gonna be the first election I am voting in,” the artist conceded in a press release. “How the system is set up, I honestly didn't know that I was allowed to vote based on my past history. My record has been expunged so I'm gonna be out there this election. I have to get involved.”

The “Gin N Juice” singer has been in trouble on numerous occasions including a 1990 conviction for cocaine possession, a 1993 conviction on gun possession, and a 1996 murder trial in which he was acquitted.

Snoop says he felt a civic duty to vote and become politically active. "As I'm looking around at what is happening in the world right now, I know that we need to make an immediate change and we can't sit back idle… I'm gonna use my voice and Influence to let people know that the only option is to get out and vote."

Aside from politics, the artist continues appearing in today’s pop culture. He just signed on for TBS’ new showcase Go-Big Show, featuring acts like monster truck drivers, alligator trainers, and stunt archery going head-to-head for a $100,000 prize. Snoop will play judge alongside celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and AEW wrestler “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.

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