Tory Lanez continues claiming his innocence in first video since Megan Thee Stallion controversy

'stepped out on bail, I did a Diddy Bop'

Tory Lanez is taking the law into his own hands in his new music video for “Most High,” one of his new tracks off his brand new album DAYSTAR. On the song, and pretty much every other one on the album, Tory defends himself against accusations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion, all while dragging all the those who spoke ill of him publicly in the fallout, from record labels to fellow rappers.

The visual starts off in a courtroom, where Tory is seen talking to the press before he makes his exit. On the track, he raps, “I walk away free 'cause I'm innocent / And when I walk, the whole world know a n**** wild.” Elsewhere, Tory jumps in a boxing ring with the devil, who he knocks out, rapping, “devil want a n**** soul / I beat that n**** thousand times in a row" - (how symbolic of him).

He also makes some time to hit the beach to lounge in a chair, while spitting, “All I see is Free Tory, Free Tory / Homie, I was in Miami on the shore chillin.”

In another scene, Tory’s just hanging around while a crew of ominous masked men carry candles around a tied up Britney Spears look-a-like wearing the fit from the "Hit Me Baby One More Time” music video. Clearly in the mood for symbolism Tory raps, "Uh, Illuminati tryna get me, n**** / But I'm the one they gotta spare like a Britney, n****” - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

Looks like Tory is sticking to singing songs of innocence, when it comes to his issues with Megan, well in this case rapping them. Check out the music video for “Most High” above, and find out more about DAYSTAR here.

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