Tyrese Gibson Opens Up About Identity and Celebrity in New Interview

The Hollywood action star mulls over childhood insecurities in sit down special

Tyrese Gibson is opening up about family, career and discrimination during an upcoming interview with TV One’s Uncensored. Speaking about his childhood, Tyrese says he “never felt a piece of handsome,” and growing up, “never got any attention from the ladies.”

Uncensored dives deep into the personal lives of celebrities, exposing stories and perspectives unheard. Considering Gibson’s various roles in movies like Transformers, Four Brothers and Baby Boy, it’s interesting to discover his insecurities regarding appearance and confidence.

“And after I had that moment, it did more for my confidence than you could ever imagine because it was a high that I would hope to experience for the rest of my life,” he said.

Gibson went on to discuss his burgeoning music career in 1998, after the release of his debut album Tyrese.

The single “Sweet Lady” became a Billboard hit, but Tyrese explains its production almost didn’t happen. “Anthony played a song for me called ‘Sweet Lady.’ I said to him ‘I don’t like it.’ He said to me, ‘What!?! This is it!’” But after much discussion he relented and recorded the track. “I literally fought them on that record. Clearly I was wrong, and they were right.”

The episode featuring Tyrese Gibson will air Sunday, September 13 at 10PM ET/9 Central.

Currently, the Fast and Furious actor is working on a project to star as the smooth-voiced baritone legend Teddy Pendergrass, who crooned songs that set the mood for romantics everywhere on songs like “Close the Door,” “Love T.K.O.” and “Turn off the Lights.”

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