Cardi B Meets Joey B: What We Learned From the 'WAP' Rapper's Talk With Joe Biden

The two touched on a wide range of topics in their conversation

The latest political insider to get the scoop on what is going on in the Democratic campaign trail is, Cardi B?

The “WAP” singer is no stranger to interviewing politicians as her latest conversation saw her discussing a wide-variety of issues with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Here’s what we learned from their discussion in ELLE Magazine.

First and foremost, Cardi B wants Trump out of office.

“His mouth gets us in trouble so much. I don’t want to be lied to—we’re dealing with a pandemic right now, and I just want answers,” she said.

Cardi added that she wants a president to tell the country what the next steps are to get better, regardless of how difficult they may be.

“Presidents have to take responsibility,” Biden said in response. “Sometimes the truth is hard. But right now, we’re in a position where we have an opportunity to make so much progress,” he added.

Cardi B and Joe Biden both see the current fight against systemic and institutionalized racism as an opportunity to bring about change.

“One of the things that I admire about you is that you keep talking about what I call equity—decency, fairness, and treating people with respect,” Biden said.

He went on to share a story about being in high school when the civil rights movement was started and said there are a lot of overlaps with what’s going on right now.

“I feel like Black people, we’re not asking for sympathy, we’re not asking for charity—we are just asking for equality. We are asking for fairness, and we are asking for justice. That is all. I feel like everything people are asking for is getting interpreted in a very different way. No, it’s simple: We just want justice. We want to feel like Americans,” Cardi B said.

Joe Biden is optimistic about the nation’s future because of the younger generation’s appetite to create positive change.

“The reason I’m so optimistic is because of your generation. You’re the smartest, the best educated, the least prejudiced, and the most engaged generation in history. And you’re going to change things. I really mean it! I’m not trying to be nice. And by the way, the rest of the world has always looked to us. Why? Not because we’re so powerful. But [because of ] the power of our example,” Biden said.

One of the main issues Cardi B fights for is free college and free healthcare.

Cardi told Joe Biden a story about her experience as a college student in New York City where she had to forego meals in order to save money for transportation. Specifically, she asked Biden if free college and healthcare can be provided for without raising taxes.

“Yes, we can. And the way we can pay for all of this is doing practical things, like making sure that everybody has to pay their fair share. [For example] no corporation should pay less than 15 percent tax,” he said.

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