Howard University’s Flashy Flags escort alum Kamala Harris to the Presidential Inauguration

'We are so excited to see you walk into that White House, to escort you to your next level'
Kamala Harris
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Today before members of Howard University’s Flashy Flags group escorted Vice President Kamala Harris during the Inauguration, two proud members sat down on RADIO.COM’s WPGC to speak to The Joe Clair Morning Show about taking part in this historic moment.

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Kelly Sloane and Crystal Thorne, two coaches and former members of the Flashy Flags were involved heavily in organizing this significant moment for the group.
Crystal, the coordinator for the group explains, “The Flashy Flags is the flag auxiliary unit at Howard University with the Howard Showtime marching band.” The Flashy Flags have marched with the Howard marching band for over 40 years.

Not only did Kelly and Crystal get to escort our new Vice President during the inauguration, but today also happens to be the group’s 40th anniversary. The Flashy Flags celebrated their 40th year as a group while ushering in the first Black and Asian woman Vice President, a historical and proud moment for all members of the Flashy Flags, from alumni to future members. Additionally, Madame Vice President herself is an alumnus of Howard University.

Thorne adds, “Let me tell you, Kamala Harris, we love you, we are so proud of you, we tip our hat to you, we are praying for you and we are so excited to see you walk into that White House, to escort you to your next level, and we appreciate the honor.”

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When asked what it means to them to take on such an honor after a tumultuous four years, Kelly tells us, “this moment means so much more than a parade. This moment means so much more than, like you said, us being able to represent this extraordinary woman who is a Howard alum, these girls… this entire organization, we have been working through COVID, through so much, through the politics, through everything without even really knowing what was in store for us.” Sloane continues, “There was something in us, something that we’ve instilled in this program and through our sisterhood, through our band comradery that we just pulled it all together for this day and we’re just so grateful that whatever was in us, that power, that HU, we had it from day one and now the world gets to see what we got.”

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